Discover all the possibilities that a personalised trip to Ribeira Sacra offers you.

Customised routes
and routes with children

In our quest to provide you with the best tourist experience, Arribeirados has an irresistible opportunity for you:

We organise experiences in Ribeira Sacra tailored to your needs:

We customise and design your trip based on your requirements (family trips, group trips, or couple trips) and the aspects you are most interested in, such as wine tourism, sports, Romanesque art, hiking, etc.

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Customised Ribeira Sacra Route: You're in charge!

The possibility of customising your trip to Ribeira Sacra completely allows you to tailor the endless attractions of this land to your interests and specific needs. Imagine all the possibilities this offers you: an exclusive tourist experience that adapts to you and your group like a glove. What more could you ask for?

In the personalised trip to Ribeira Sacra (including the children’s option), you set the pace. Every aspect of this trip will be adapted to your interests: accommodation features, types of activities and visits, number of days… Completely tailor-made!

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Wine Tourism

gastronomía Ribeira Sacra


ruta Románico Ribeira Sacra

Romanesque Art

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Miradores más impresionantes Ribeira Sacra

Places of Interest

Ribeira Sacra with Children

The best way to enjoy Ribeira Sacra with children

Finding a place that allows us to cater to the tastes of both children and adults is not an easy task.

Families are increasingly looking for destinations that allow them to relax and enjoy together, places to create beautiful memories away from stress, television, or video games. Ribeira Sacra is the ideal place for traveling with children, and at Arribeirados, we will arrange everything to make your family trip perfect.

Enjoy Ribeira Sacra with your family: We will adapt all visits and activities so that the little ones can enjoy them to the fullest and never get bored or tired.

At Arribeirados, we know very well that our land offers countless attractions capable of delighting the youngest: Sports, culture, and nature come together for children to have a great time.

Our route to Ribeira Sacra with children will shape a trip where the little ones can keep up at all times (e.g., low-level hiking routes, visits to museums tailored to their interests, entertaining activities for children…). We will also include destinations specially designed for them (such as a river beach where they can swim, activities with horses, the medieval castle of Castro Caldelas, the Railway Museum, the Dollhouses Museum in Monforte de Lemos, etc.).

Do you want to travel to Ribeira Sacra with children? Fill out the form or contact us and enjoy the best family trip. You will discover little-known treasures of our land and return to your home relaxed, happy, and closer than ever.

Enjoy a Tailor-Made Trip with Arribeirados

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To offer visitors a completely personalised trip to Ribeira Sacra, you must know it inside out: that’s exactly what we provide at Arribeirados. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of Ribeira Sacra and our deep love for this land are what we offer.

All the routes we offer at Arribeirados are characterised by a different way of understanding tourism. We do not go for mass and stressful trips. We want you to take the best of our land with you at the end of your stay. Well, the personalised route through Ribeira Sacra takes this experience to the next level.

We will put all our knowledge, resources, and enthusiasm at your service to create the trip of your dreams. Ribeira Sacra is much more than the Sil Canyon (which is already impressive), and we cannot wait to show you.

All the benefits of customising your route through Ribeira Sacra or requesting a trip with children with Arribeirados are added to the package.

Personalized attention, professional accompanying guides, and all-inclusive prices are our trademark.

These personalised experiences are for you if…

Now you know that another way of traveling is possible. Making the trip you have always dreamed of is as easy as contacting Arribeirados.
Tell us what the personalised route to Ribeira Sacra you want to take is like, and we will get to work to make it a reality.

Due to the unique characteristics of our routes, they do not have a fixed price. To provide you with an exact amount, we will need you to fill out the form
or get in touch with us to tell us more about the trip you want to make.

Only have two days to discover Ribeira Sacra? Here's what we offer you

If you are looking for a memorable weekend trip,
you need to escape to Ribeira Sacra
. In just 2 days, you will discover what makes
this land so special and connect with its magical essence. Are you up for it?

You might think that 48 hours is not much. The truth is,
when a region has so much to offer like Ribeira Sacra,
a weekend getaway is perfect for connecting with its
. It might be just an appetiser, but it will leave you wanting more.

Visiting Ribeira Sacra in 2 days will give you
an unmatched introduction to our culture, gastronomy, and nature.

Once you get to know us, you will want to come
back again and again to disconnect and continue discovering the corners of this paradise.
Ready to embark on the journey?

Our Ribeira Sacra getaway offers you an introduction
to the extensive cultural heritage of the area,
a result of the coexistence of different civilisations
(Christian, Celtic, Jewish…). Simply walking through
any of our towns is a pure history experience.

To appreciate what life was like in these lands,
our trip to Ribeira Sacra includes a visit to an ethnographic museum.
It is the perfect place to learn about
how people lived and what the geography of Ribeira Sacra
was like less than a century ago!

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of an irreplaceable land

Ribeira Sacra and wine go hand in hand.

 A good weekend getaway in Galicia must include a nod to wine tourism, especially when we are talking about a trip to Ribeira Sacra.
The birthplace of one of the finest designations of origin in all of Spain is a must-visit for any wine lover.

Visiting Ribeira Sacra on the weekend allows you to explore the vineyards of the Miño and Sil rivers, learn about heroic viticulture, and visit one of its wineries.
This approach to our designation of origin includes a tasting where you can savour the exquisite DO Ribeira Sacra wines, with Mencía being a standout.

Let the views of the Cañones del Sil conquer your senses

The ethnographic route of our Ribeira Sacra getaway culminates
at one of the stunning viewpoints of the Cañones del Sil,
where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the river,
canyons, and vineyards.

Oak trees, chestnut trees, vineyards,
short-toed eagles, centuries-old hermitages…
all of this blends into a unique landscape capable of captivating
even the most experienced travellers.

Discover in our post the mythological origin of the Cañones del Sil

A weekend in Ribeira Sacra would not be complete without
enjoying an introduction to the Romanesque architecture
that is so prevalent in the area.
One of the regions that houses the most Romanesque
treasures is the municipality of Pantón (Lugo).

In our two-day route through Ribeira Sacra,
we will provide an introduction to the rural Romanesque of the area,
allowing you to learn about its history,
main characteristics, and essential buildings,
such as the Monastery of the Bernardas,
the Church of San Miguel de Eir
or the Monastery of San Vicente de Pombeiro,
as well as Santo Estevo de Ribas de Sil.

Uncover the secrets of Ribeira Sacra's Romanesque art

Experience an unforgettable journey
sailing on the river in a catamaran.

Surely, when you catch sight of the river from the viewpoints of the Sil,
you will be left wanting more. No one can enjoy Ribeira Sacra over the weekend without having sailed on the Sil River!

One of the most thrilling activities of our Ribeira Sacra getaway is the catamaran route on the Sil River.
The views “at river level” will awe you and allow you to discover the corners that overlook its course. Lush vegetation, Romanesque architecture, and dizzying rocky walls.

Your Ribeira Sacra getaway
is the perfect excuse to savor its
exquisite gastronomy.

A weekend getaway with Arribeirados will
never be synonymous with fastfood and sandwiches.
When you travel to Galicia, especially to Ribeira Sacra,
you cannot miss out on enjoying its excellent gastronomy.
Visiting Ribeira Sacra offers you a unique
opportunity to taste delicious dishes from the local cuisine.
all, of course, accompanied by a good DO Ribeira Sacra wine.

The best places to eat in Ribeira Sacra will
delight you with typical dishes of the region.
Savoury meats accompanied by chestnuts,
“pulpo á feira”
(octopus prepared in a specific style),
and delicious desserts made from local products
will delight even the most discerning palates.

A unique way to immerse yourself in Ribeira Sacra.

There is no better way to make the most of a short tour of Ribeira Sacra than to entrust yourself
to people who love it and know it deeply
. With Arribeirados by your side, you can squeeze every minute of your visit,
as we know how to condense the soul of our land into just 2 days.

At Arribeirados, we take care of every detail of our trips. We want you to come to love our land as much as we do…
and we know that a rushed approach will not achieve that.
Our specialty is quality tourism, slow-cooked, a journey capable of creating unique and unforgettable experiences.

With only two days to visit Ribeira Sacra, we pay attention to the smallest details so that,
at the end of your trip, you take its essence with you. Dreamy journeys along charming roads,
unforgettable routes among vineyards, an introduction to the geography and Romanesque art of the area…
Could this be the beginning of a great friendship?

Arribeirados offers you the most VIP way to take a getaway to Ribeira Sacra.
Small groups, we pick you up and drop you off at any point in Galicia, guided tours and transportation included,
continuous personalised support and assistance, the best accommodations and restaurants… This is how traveling should be.

In summary, a 2-day getaway to Ribeira Sacra is perfect for initiating a connection that will allow you to discover
your new favourite spot. What are you waiting for to request this experience?

Do you want to discover the charms that make this land so special?
Choose our three-day route through the Ribeira Sacra.

You will uncover lush nature, delicious cuisine, and a history,
art, and architecture worth exploring,
all coming together to create a destination
that leaves a lasting impression.

The Ribeira Sacra has a multitude of experiences
to offer to visitors, and you can truly make the most of
a three-day journey with us.
Without rushing, as is the custom in this region,
dedicating the appropriate time to each
activity and focusing on key destinations,
we will ensure that you
return home with the feeling
of having delved deeper into this wonderful place.

Embarking on a three-day
exploration of the Ribeira Sacra will provide
you with a more comprehensive understanding
of the treasures it holds. Whether you are a first-time
visitor or a seasoned traveler,
you cannot afford to miss this
top-notch tourist experience. Are you ready to begin?

What will you enjoy on this three-day
journey through the Ribeira Sacra?


Immerse Yourself in the Charm of Ribeira Sacra's Villages

One cannot grasp our tourist value without exploring the villages of the Ribeira Sacra. In fact, this rich ethnological heritage has earned us the designation of Cultural Interest. Populations, festivals, work, and people come together to create an irreplaceable mosaic that can captivate any visitor.

Our three-day visit to the Ribeira Sacra includes a route through its most emblematic villages and a visit to an ethnographic museum. These activities will allow you to discover the historical richness and evolution of our town. We are confident that you will be surprised to learn how the "arribeirados" lived less than a century ago. Here, time passes differently, at a different pace, and you will be enchanted.


Experience an Unforgettable Wine Journey

The DO Ribeira Sacra is one of the most esteemed both nationally and internationally. A highly unique and entirely artisanal production, combined with an exquisite flavour, has given our wines their renowned reputation.

A visit to the Ribeira Sacra would not be complete without giving our delicious wines the attention they deserve. Enjoying the Ribeira Sacra over three days will allow you to delve a little deeper into heroic viticulture (or mountain viticulture). You will relish the views of the terraced vineyards that help shape the landscape. We will explain how the vineyards are cultivated on these steep walls and how the harvest is carried out. In fact, depending on when you visit us, you may even witness this impressive spectacle.

Moreover, on this 3-day journey, you will have the opportunity to visit two of our most important wineries, which also means participating in two wine tastings and strolling among the vineyards that grow along the banks of the Miño and Sil rivers. It's a dream come true for any wine enthusiast!


Discover Romanesque Treasures, such as those in Pantón

Did you know that the Ribeira Sacra has the highest concentration of rural Romanesque architecture in Europe? Some of the finest examples can be found in Pantón. This town in Lugo is home to five Romanesque gems, such as San Fiz de Cangas and Santo Estevo de Atán.

In the three-day Ribeira Sacra route, in addition to the introduction to the local Romanesque art included in the 2-day route, you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into this artistic movement with a comprehensive guided tour of Pantón, led by Máis que Románico. Our experienced guides will provide you with all the details and insights into the secrets held by this centuries-old architecture.


Enjoy Breathtaking Views from the Sil and Cabo do Mundo Viewpoints

The fascinating natural experience of gazing out from the Sil and Cabo do Mundo viewpoints is the perfect finale to our ethnographic route. Picture the entire exuberance of the Ribeira Sacra unfolding before your eyes: a river of pristine waters, colourful vineyards that change with the seasons, majestic birds in full flight...

You will be left awestruck!

You can view hundreds of photos, but until you peer out from one of these viewpoints or admire these impressive walls from below, for example, from the catamaran, you cannot fathom what this place is capable of making you feel.


Embark on an Unforgettable Catamaran Journey through the Ribeira Sacra

Everyone who gazes upon the Ribeira Sacra from the bird's-eye view of its viewpoints longs for more. To ensure you enjoy a complete experience, our three-day Ribeira Sacra route includes a catamaran ride that allows you to discover all the wonders that line the banks of the Sil River. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will also admire the majesty of the landscape rising from the river. It will make you feel truly small.

From the catamaran, you can appreciate a landscape that will leave you in awe. From lush forests to valuable architectural examples (such as the Monastery of Santa Cristina), these wonders will meet you along our route.


Be Charmed by the Beauty of a River Beach

Visiting a river beach included in our three-day Ribeira Sacra route will allow you to connect with nature in its purest form. The tranquil and tepid waters of this spot, along with the surrounding vegetation, make it a true paradise, perfect for relaxation and escaping the pace that dictates our lives. You deserve a break.


Hiking Trail: Venture into the Real Galician Forests

The Ribeira Sacra is a fine example of the characteristic magic of Galician forests. Pristine landscapes bursting with mystery serve as the perfect backdrop for abandoned villages, natural viewpoints, or monasteries.

In our "Ribeira Sacra in three days" route, we also include an unforgettable hiking trail. During the journey, you will discover lush chestnut forests and ancient constructions that seem to be taken from a fairy tale. Tell us your preferences, and we will choose the route that best suits your group's tastes, or if you prefer, we will surprise you.


Visit a Reservoir: Belesar, Peares, San Pedro, or Santo Estevo

The reservoirs in the Ribeira Sacra are more than mere hydraulic engineering works.
The surrounding landscapes, the views they offer, and all the anecdotes they hold make them a key point in the area.

Speaking of the Peares and Belesar reservoirs, for example, means discussing the "asolagados"
(flooded) villages and the impact they had on the people of the Ribeira Sacra.

The San Esteban (Santo Estevo) reservoir is one of the most significant hydraulic engineering works
in Galicia and was once the most powerful power plant in all of Europe.

This impressive structure is located in the Sil River Canyon and has been an exceptional witness to our recent history.

Getting to know the Ribeira Sacra over three days provides
you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy its cuisine.

Tasting delicious Galician food is one of the greatest
pleasures offered by our three-day Ribeira Sacra route.
Traditional dishes in the area are prepared with the
finest local ingredients:
pork, lamb, trout, eels, mushrooms, chestnuts, honey…

At Arribeirados, we like to take
our time with each activity, and dining in Galicia,
especially in the Ribeira Sacra, is something sacred.
All the restaurants we will visit have been tried and tested by us,
so we know that both their cuisine and their
wine selection and service will be outstanding.

Arribeirados offers you the best way to experience
the Ribeira Sacra in three days.

If you want to make the most of a three-day visit to the Ribeira Sacra, you just need to rely on Arribeirados.
We know this land inside out and love it more than anything else in the world. We know everything there is to know to take your trip to the next level!

If you’re planning a three-day trip to the Ribeira Sacra, do it right. At Arribeirados, we offer guided tours with small groups, personalized attention, as well as stays in the best hotels and meals at the finest restaurants in the area. We take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about a thing: transportation, museum tickets, professional guides… everything is included in the price.

The members of Arribeirados don’t see tourism like most do. We want you to immerse yourself in all the charm that characterizes our land, and we know how to make it happen. That’s why we want to offer you a true premium experience so that you can take the best of the Ribeira Sacra with you.

In conclusion, this three-day route through the Ribeira Sacra is for you if you want to treat yourself to an experience that allows you to discover all the wonders of this land. Our dreamlike landscapes, fascinating culture, and delightful cuisine are waiting for you. Want to learn more?

A 4-day trip to Ribeira Sacra
is perfect for delving into all of the
tourist attractions in Ribeira Sacra.

Through this adventure, you will immerse yourself fully in our particular paradise. You will live unforgettable experiences
and discover the secret charms hidden in our land, both in the Lucense Ribeira Sacra and in the Ourense area.

This unique land holds many more treasures to discover than people might think: dreamlike landscapes, exquisite dishes, charming villages,
a very peculiar winemaking tradition… A 4-day trip is a perfect option for connecting deeply with it.
Although it’s worth mentioning that we have been here for a lifetime and continue to discover new routes and corners.

An excursion through Ribeira Sacra for 4 days is what you need to get to know it in
more detail and soak up its essence. At the end of your journey,
you will be as captivated by this land as we are, and we assure you that you will need to come back whenever you need a break.

What experiences await you on this
4-day trip to Ribeira Sacra?


Live a complete wine experience

You already know that wine and Ribeira Sacra go hand in hand. Wine is part of its history, and the character of its people permeates its wines. The terraced vineyards help create a very unique landscape and speak of the courage and lack of vertigo of its harvesters. Ribeira Sacra is a destination rich in wine culture, and a 4-day trip is the best option to fully enjoy it.

Discover the local wine industry and tradition, its history, mountain viticulture, and be impressed by the manual grape harvesting on slopes with inclines of up to 85%... Ribeira Sacra is a true paradise for wine lovers.

We have prepared a series of activities for you to enjoy a comprehensive wine tourism experience:

During your journey, you will visit 3 of its main wineries and witness the live spectacle of heroic viticulture on the Miño and Sil rivers. You will also stroll through vineyards and taste three wine tastings to experience the exquisite flavour of our prestigious native Designation of Origin.


Discover the Romanesque gems of Ribeira Sacra

The examples of rural Romanesque architecture are one of the main attractions of tourism in Ribeira Sacra. The largest concentration of rural Romanesque monuments in all of Europe is found on our land.

Our 4-day route through Ribeira Sacra will give you the opportunity to visit important examples of this medieval architecture. It includes visits to Pantón (Lugo) and the main Romanesque sites in Ribeira Sacra in Ourense.

There are many architectural wonders waiting for you on this journey, including the Santo Estevo de Ribas de Sil Monastery and the Church of San Miguel de Eiré.


Connect with the soul of its villages

Our 4-day journey through Ribeira Sacra will allow you to get to know the ethnography of the area in a much more complete way. We have prepared a visit to a museum and an additional activity that will allow you to discover what life is and was like in this magical place. The uniqueness of its traditions, its people, and their work will captivate you from the first minute.

Here, time stands still, you breathe deeper and slower, haste and stress disappear, your worries dissolve, and your expression will not be the same after 4 days with us.


Be impressed by the views from its viewpoints

Nature is one of the great charms of tourism in Ribeira Sacra. The allure that is always associated with its dreamlike landscapes cannot be understood without its viewpoints. Contemplating the exuberance of its flora and fauna bathed by a mighty river from a bird's eye view... Is there anything more pleasurable than that?

Four days in Ribeira Sacra are enough to visit its main viewpoints: the Sil Canyons (also from the Ourense side), Cabo do Mundo, and Balcones de Madrid. When you're up there, open your eyes wide: the landscape that opens up before you will make you feel like you're in paradise. Treasure that memory, and when you return to the hustle and bustle of your daily life, recall it in your mind to take a break from time to time.


Sail the Sil River on a catamaran

Everyone who glimpses the Sil River from the natural viewpoint of its canyons is left curious about what the riverside landscape is like. We know that this will also happen to you... so we have prepared an unforgettable catamaran excursion through Ribeira Sacra, sailing the waters of the Sil River.

Navigating by catamaran through the Sil canyons will allow you to discover all the natural and architectural treasures that line its banks: forests, monasteries, villages... and, above all, being able to contemplate the immensity of its walls from down there is an experience that will be etched in your memory.


Enjoy unforgettable visits

During your 4-day trip to Ribeira Sacra, you will be able to visit 4 fundamental points to
understand the immense tourist value of this area:

The Monasteries of:

San Pedro de Rocas: This ancient construction rests on Mount Barbeirón and is essential for understanding the most remote past of Ribeira Sacra.

Santo Estevo de Ribas do Sil: This spectacular building is an essential example of the rich architectural heritage of Ribeira Sacra. Additionally, it is located in a unique setting.

Vilouxe viewpoint

A spectacular natural viewpoint overlooking the Sil canyons, where you will feel overwhelmed by nature.

Some of the reservoirs in Ribeira Sacra:

Impressive civil engineering works from which you can contemplate the Miño and Sil rivers in all their splendor.

A Cova River Beach:

A delightfully tranquil spot with temperate waters where you can recharge in the midst of nature.


Venture into the lush Galician forests:

Nature and hiking enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy this 4-day journey through Ribeira Sacra, as having more time has allowed us to include two hiking routes through the dense forests of Galicia.

During these refreshing walks, you will merge with the mysterious magic radiating from landscapes that seem to be taken from a fairy tale. Forgotten villages and ancient chestnut trees recreate charming scenes you will never forget. You can't imagine how many legends and myths have inspired these places!


Enjoy the local gastronomy

To complete your experience, this 4-day trip through Ribeira Sacra includes four meals. This gives you the perfect opportunity to discover the delights of Galician cuisine. If Galicia is known for its good food, it's for a reason, and here, tradition and good raw materials are not lacking.

Quality, variety, and flavor come together in every dish, resulting in unforgettable recipes.

Chorizo, lacón, churrasco, pulpo á feira, and don't forget to try the typical desserts: Bica de Castro Caldelas and rosca de Sober... All of this accompanied by exquisite DO Ribeira Sacra wines.

logo Arribeirados

Why choose to visit Ribeira Sacra for 4 days with Arribeirados?

Our commitment, curiosity, and passion for this natural paradise provide us with such intense knowledge and love for this land that we are eager to share it. We are aware of everything that this land can truly offer, and we know that visitors often get only a superficial view of it. Ribeira Sacra needs to be squeezed, enjoyed, lived… and that’s hard to do in just one day with a sandwich in your backpack.

Our approach to tourism in Ribeira Sacra will allow you to enjoy it as it deserves. Small groups, personalized attention, and the best establishments will offer you a premium experience capable of captivating even the most demanding traveler.

With Arribeirados, you can enjoy the main attractions of Ribeira Sacra in Lugo and Ourense as you’ve never seen them before. We pick you up and drop you off at any point in Galicia and include all expenses in the final price (accompanying guides, accommodation, visits, and more).

Live a meticulously calculated tourist experience with Arribeirados, where you only have to worry about enjoying. In short, this 4-day trip to Ribeira Sacra is for you if you want to explore its multiple attractions in depth. Unrepeatable landscapes, millennia-old culture, and exquisite gastronomy await you… and let’s not forget about its people; without them, none of this would be possible.